Session Details:

In this session, participants will learn how to recognize markers in the dyad that define the attachment relationship and the infant's developing stress response system. Using a evidence informed framework that is inclusive of specific questions that aim to enhance a practitioner's ability to observe and support the dyad, participants will learn how to observe the caregiver's behaviour pattern when their infant cues distress. Once completed, the tool can then be actively used to support the caregiver to promote the development of security for the child, foster a co-regulation relationship, and mitigate developmental trauma.

Speaker Details:

Mary Rella (B.A., Dip.C.S.), Registered Psychotherapist

Training Hours

2 hours

Live Session and Feedback Survey
Attachment: Knowledge, Tools and Interventions to Promote/Repair Security
Instructor Led Course
Feedback Survey
Type:Learning Path

Estimated Learning Time:

Min 2h 5m
Max 2h 5m
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Enrollment:Prior to  10/16/2024
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