The objective of the training is to increase knowledge and skill that directly impacts the work practitioners do with young children under the age of 6 and their parents/caregivers. The training is designed to enhance knowledge and skill, and should be seen as an investment in workers and the agency. Participation in the training will increase the capacity of an agency to recognize and respond to early concerns about a child's development. Upon completion of the training participants will receive a certificate from IEMHP.

At the end of part 3, the participant will complete short quizzes that will help IEMHP track each participant's progress through the training and receive valuable feedback.

Please follow the steps outlined in the Training Information Package to guide you through this training.


  1. Scroll ALL the way down this page (below the Training Materials chart) to begin the training. You can navigate between the Parts of the training using the orange COURSE INDEX button.
  2. Click on the SUPPLEMENTARY INFO button for additional instructions regarding what you must do to prepare for the session. You can also find your Sessions by going to the My Agenda tab.

Please see below for instructions on which training materials to access and how for this training series:

Training Materials

Part 1: Registration

Review the Training Information Package for a clear understanding of the training process and expectations.

Part 2: Live Training and Coaching Sessions

Participants must bring with them to the Live Training and Coaching Sessions all of the following:

OPTIONAL: Introduction to ASQs and Introduction to DSPs webinars

  1. Please DOWNLOAD and SAVE the following to refer to while watching the optional webinars (OPTIONAL):
    1. Introduction to ASQs
      1. Intro to ASQs_Section A_Slides
      2. Intro to ASQs_Section B_Slides
      3. Intro to ASQs_Section C_Slides
      4. Intro to ASQs_Section D_Slides
    2. Introduction to DSPs
      1. Intro to DSPs_Section A_Slides
      2. Intro to DSPs_Section B_Slides
      3. Intro to DSPs_Section C_Slides

Training Hours

16 hours

Part 1: Registration
Learner Acknowledgement
Part 2: Live Training and Coaching Sessions
Day 1 (February 21st, 2024): Full-Day Introduction to ASQs
Instructor Led Course
Day 2 (February 22nd, 2024): Full-Day Introduction to DSPs
Instructor Led Course
Part 3: Reflection Survey
Reflection Survey
OPTIONAL: Introduction to ASQs and Introduction to DSPs Webinars
Introduction to ASQs
Section A: Introduction to Developmental Screening
eLearning Course
Section B: Introduction to the ASQ:3
eLearning Course
Section C: Introduction to the ASQ:SE2
eLearning Course
Section D: Key Components of the ASQs
eLearning Course
Introduction to DSPs
Section A: Introduction to Developmental Support Plans
eLearning Course
Section B: What Informs a DSP
eLearning Course
Section C: Key Components of a DSP and How to Create a DSP
eLearning Course
Type:Learning Path
Learning Time:3h  20m
Key Dates
Enrollment:Prior to  02/19/2024
* Prices in Canadian Dollar
Pre-requisites:Prerequisites: Introduction to Infant and Early Mental Health (Learning Path)