This introductory session provides an overview of early development with a focus on infant and early mental health. Some key concepts and theoretical models that will be explored are the importance of relationships, the developing brain, understanding behaviours, cultural competence and embedding a family approach into your practice. Practical applications to support these concepts as well as reflective questions will be provided to consider in your practice as you work with infants, young children and their families.

The PowerPoint slides, transcripts, and supplementary materials for each video can be found by clicking on the SUPPLEMENTARY INFO button of each respective video.

Supplementary Materials:

  1. Section A:
    1. Infant and Early Mental Health Competencies Checklist
    2. Supporting Ontario's Youngest Minds: Investing in the Mental Health of Children Under 6
  2. Section B:
    1. Comfort, Play & Teach
  3. Section I:
    1. Supporting Ontario's Youngest Minds: Investing in the Mental Health of Children Under 6

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Training Hours

3 hours

Introduction to Infant and Early Mental Health
Pre-Training IEMH Attitudes and Beliefs Survey
Pre-Training Knowledge Survey
eLearning Course
Section A: Training Overview
eLearning Course
Section B: Key Concepts of Child Development
eLearning Course
Section C: Brain Development
eLearning Course
Section D: Attachment and Relationships
eLearning Course
Section E: What Promotes and Derails a Child’s Development
eLearning Course
Section F: Trauma-Informed Care
eLearning Course
Section G: Embedding a Family-Centered Approach into Practice
eLearning Course
Section H: Cultural Humility & Competence
eLearning Course
Section I: Community and Advocacy
eLearning Course
Post-Training Knowledge Survey
Feedback Survey
Type:Learning Path

Estimated Learning Time:

Min 3h 35m
Max 3h 35m
Key Dates
Enrollment:Prior to  08/31/2024