Series Overview:

Dive into a three-part series that explores how to support children with various developmental disabilities in developing their literacy skills. This series explores Universal Design for Learning, Shared Reading skills, and how to support families in engaging in positive literacy experiences. Whether you support multi-abled children and families, or are looking to develop literacy in young children, this webinar series will inspire new ways of embedding literacy skills in your practice with infants, young children and their families.

Instructor Biography

Dr. Melissa Pebly is an Associate Professor of Practice in the Department of Special Education at Portland State University. Melissa teaches a range of courses across the Initial Licensure Program in Special Education, Elementary and Secondary Dual Educator Programs, and Early Childhood Special Education. Melissa's primary interests are in providing equitable literacy opportunities through inclusive practices in schools and public library programming.

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Training Hours

3 hours

Early Literacy Series
The Power of Shared Reading to Facilitate Language and Literacy for Children with Disabilities
eLearning Course
Incorporating Early Literacy Skills In Shared Reading
eLearning Course
Supporting Parents and Caregivers in Early Literacy Learning
eLearning Course
Reflection Survey
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