What is IEMHP Collaborative?

Infant and early mental health is complex and requires the expertise and experiences of many to determine effective and efficient ways of supporting young children and their families. IEMHP Collaborative connects topic experts with practitioners across all professions and sectors to build knowledge, enhance skills and support best practice, together: a collaboration. The topics will vary, but the goals are the same: lean on the collective wisdom and perspectives of others to support optimal outcomes for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their families.

Session Overview

Children who experience severe or chronic medical conditions have unique needs. The illness or condition often impacts the families and has huge implications for the types of relationships that may develop. Often these conditions disrupt the ability to connect in a healthy way and activate the attachment system. The diagnosis represents a trauma which becomes enmeshed with the identity of the child and the structure of the family. If ongoing treatment is needed, the developmental trajectory may be altered, often resulting in mental health problems which further impact quality of life and compounds the medical problems. It is therefore important to understand how trauma and attachment work in the context of a child and family affected by a severe or chronic medical condition. This understanding then paves the way for actively improving the relationships involved and promoting healthy social-emotional development, thereby improving not just mental health but also physical health. This session lays the foundations for this way of understanding and how physical and mental health problems intersect for these children and their families.

Learning Objectives

In this session, participants will:

  • Learn about basic principles of trauma and attachment and how they apply to situations where there has been medical trauma,
  • Understand what medical trauma is and how this uniquely affects children and their family,
  • Gain awareness of ways to mitigate the negative effects of severe/chronic medical stress on social-emotional development

Date and Time: November 23rd, 2023 at 9am - 12pm EST

Session Duration: 3 hours

Location: Event Room 2, PGCRL Building, 686 Bay St., Toronto, ON

Cost: $200.00 CAD

Session Speaker:

Dr. Rob Meeder is a pediatrician with extensive experience both in general pediatrics and mental health. Having started as a general pediatrician who worked in full-scope pediatrics in an acute-care hospital setting for many years he then shifted his focus to mental health and behavioural medicine in a community based setting. He is currently Medical Director (Family, Child and Youth Mental Health) at Waypoint Centre For Mental Health Care where he conducts clinical work in collaboration with local mental health agencies. Dr. Meeder completed his medical education at McMaster University and Pediatrics residency at Western before moving to Orillia where he resides with Rose and 4 teenage children. He is currently completing his Fellowship in Early Relational Health at the University of Massachusetts and is co-host of the Smart Family Podcast.

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For questions regarding the content of each IEMHP Collaborative session, please email nicole.tuzi@sickkids.ca For questions regarding registration and technical difficulties, please email iemhp.learning@sickkids.ca.

Training Hours

3 hours

IEMHP Collaborative: Session and Evaluation
The Importance of Supporting Social-Emotional Development in Chronic/Severe Medical Conditions with Robert Meeder (MSc, MD, FRCPC (Pediatrics))
Instructor Led Course
Type:Learning Path
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Enrollment:Prior to  11/16/2023
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